Multiple Choice Questions

Most e Learning modules that you undertake will contain some form of assessment. You may have to complete this to obtain your certificate which is useful for recording your continuing professional development (CPD).  Assessments in an e Learning course such as the Erudition Dementia Awareness package will be fairly simple in format. Because of the […]

E Learning In A Pandemic

It isn’t the most surprising of statements to say the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world we live in. Some aspects such as lockdown rules will hopefully be temporary. However, the question is what permanent adaptions to our lifestyle will we make? Obviousy our work lives have been dramatically affected with huge swathes of […]

Sepsis – The Silent Killer

Whilst our daily headlines are understandably full of depressing statistics about covid infection rates and deaths it is easy to lose sight of other conditions which also extract a dreadful toll on our population. The Sepsis Trust tells us that there are 25,000 cases of Sepsis every year and 5 people die every hour from […]